The Quick Poses Theatre

This web is pure text in HTML: "ink on paper".

What about the Quick Poses Theatre?

Why bother our audience with drawing/painting?

During the recent years, in Prague (CZ), have been introduced events presenting nudity in formats neighbouring with the nude figure live posing.

Before the pandemic, it was an exhibition of naked people (under the erroneously spelled name Voayer), and with annual periodicity there takes place The Festival of Naked Forms (

While the academy's regular students prove the traditional nude drawing approach, the members of the course for amateurs seem to express their interest in quick poses. This seems to be a symptom of experience with such porn-categories as cfnm, bts or beach. I doubt even if they really all come primarily to increase their painting skills?

New formats - such as a stage called "theatre", yet similar to a poetic wine bar (drawing/painting not excluded, of course) - can expand the use of quick poses, broadening so the target audience and introducing new talents among models.

It is up to us to maintain the better of the historical traditions of classical painting. On the other hand, the know-how of performative arts can help us break up definitively with the legacy of slaves and prostitutes associated with working as models.



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