What does porn-actress sell?

An open letter to NoFap activists,
lest them are such boobs.

pavelgkozak (FB)



Dear NoFap-ists,

the bad news is that she sells a great deal of the genuine sexuality. There is much of the proper definition of sex in porn.
(Do not identify sex with intercourse, considering the solo-sex by monitor as less sexual.)

The good news is that the churches are not on the side-lines, entirely.


The human life - to keep preserved - needs two complementary sorts of sustainability: the rational and irrational. Such are the two sides of our mind.

Our irrationality - just in the sexual context - was described by Shakespeare in his sonnet 129th.

It is unable to manage all the rest of life. Therefore, the rational part of our mind is summoned. The churches and other social institutions care for everything other than the natural moment of procreation.

Concerning the general enclosure of these two poles of our anthropological experiencing together, the social and political portfolio is more or less wise or silly.

Some religions are wise enough to incorporate even the irrational, sexual element.

Unfortunately, this is not the case of the Christianity. It is in discord with sexuality "as is". It tries to put through some other, unreal model.


A young male boob confronted with a prostitute, it is an irresistible typus for so many story-writers, throughout the history of literature and World-wide:


Let us have a rest in the middle of our Info-Big-Bang, listening for a while to the Czech opera (~ the "Czech-most" opera), The Bartered Bride (p.18).


Esmeralda Salamanca, with her yes-man - the circus-owner - persuades a simple-minded, stammering fool Vašek to play the role of bear, just - dancing can-can …since the regular bear-performer is drunken. After all: nobody (his mom inclusive) would recognize him since he will be in the bear's fur with "a lovely mask", with a golden necklace. Esmeralda's love will be the sweet reward.


[Let us note an allusion to the Shakespearean "World-stage"- quote, in the circus-owner speech!]




Now, dear NoFap-ists,

I guess you do not want to look like this village nerd, do you?

But, indeed, you have it difficult, concerning the historical nexus in which you meet the porn-actresses…

· She is not any more afraid to be burnt on a stake like a witch.

· Anyhow, she still plays on the string of the historical cards-deal. She is aware that she was born in the female body.

· But the know-how is of a sly androgynous business-person.

The ladies are talented and they develop their talent. They are selected and casted with the marketing methods which concern both the persons and entire projects.


How strange it would be to prohibit practicing a music instrument beyond some level and - having attained it - to play public concerts!

The following quote is by a person who herself is both a concert player and a porn-actress.


from "IN DEEP with Bobbi Starr"

What do you think it takes to be a porn star?
The most important thing anyone needs to bring to the table if they’re going to be an adult performer is to love sex. I know it seems pretty basic and obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t really enjoy sex in this business. Or they start out liking sex, but it just becomes another job.

It really doesn’t matter what kind of sex you like, but it’s important that you bring genuine enthusiasm and passion to your scenes. This can be the best job in the world, but if you’re doing something you don’t want to do, it’s the worst. …

There is a research of the sexual pleasure, but on the level of the porn industry, the search machines and the online banking. This research is focused onto sexuality only as far it concerns their revenue. Accepting any social responsibility, the porn industry should care for the sexuality education, etc. It is true that the churches would operate towards ban of such a sex-education. Their perspective is hedonophobic. Kundera wrote about a believing girl, who had her Anticoital God.

The scientific (in the common sense of "science") sexology institutes - usually of the medical ilk - do not research the pleasure itself. They are rather focused onto their "dispositif" (Foucault) which they share with their mother-institutions, the churches. Often, we can tell from which church is which sexologist.


We can see that the former cares for money and the latter for power. None of them cares for the sexuality itself.

Yet, it is true that porn-actress sells sex, it the kernel. But we got used to the fact that where are money, there must be partly a lie.

The "scientific" sexology, contrary, sells a sort of "diminished feet" of sexuality.



You, NoFap-ists,
are educated within the latter pattern of sexuality.

Therefore - confronted with porn - you react like that muzhik who - for the first time exposed to the view of a camel - said: "This is not true." (This story is a quote from Stravinskij, referring to the confrontation of some listeners with his original music.)

In spite of the fact that you confess your porn ex-addiction, you swear that you are better, smarter, healthier without porn.

You never mention the nudi-beach, under the ataraxy of which, you might dream about your getting rid of porn. (You do not frequent nudi not because it is perverted, but because you are provincial: the churches do not rely on scholars, any more.)

You speak about porn like about one unified type of cultural product. Contrary, the porn is as rich as the pop-music.

While the majority of both of them (porn and pop) is but a popular product, we can find cases which overlap to the artificial culture.

Therefore, it is obsolete to whine today that porn is poor, since we can find its branches which are quite sophisticated.
Try the prejudice exclusively on your country-fellows, please!

The pleasure which presents porn-actress is the genuine sexual pleasure.

There is a user-package around it, of course.

We can ask where and how we could purify the pleasure, doing away with the marketing tricks of porn. The answer could be: while the nudi-beach sex - supposed we do not consider our personal interest in succsex, even on the nudi.

Already aware of the marketing tricks of porn, we can develop the genuine, healthy sexual pleasure. But it will not be your, NoFap, form of porn-free health and well-being!

As a teen, I dreamt that the sexologist's room is the proper laboratory of sex. The fame of Masters&Johnson supported the idea. If you were by a sexologist, you will probably confirm that you were sitting by a table. You were far from testing your orgasmic curve.

But these researches of what helps pleasure do proceed: by the insider porn-production research.

Dependent on the socially acceptable conditions (formed by churches and their "science"), the sexshops develop and deal some toys and tools for sex, too. The erotic fairs, as well, promote different formats of sex. On one hand they are often respectful for the acceptable conditions even up too much - on the other, they do not respect the anti-HIV rules and recommendations.

If you perform some sort of sex with your partner, and yet you are lured to porn, you are healthy. It is your authentic motivation. If you are a highly passionate person, that is not since you overdose porn.

With long-term hypocritical declarations of opposite, you would cherish a cognitive dissonance. Consider it from the viewpoint of your health!

If your mother finds you healthy, she will be happy - be it even while you are investigating the PornHub. After all, it is the server about nothing.

Unlike food, the sexual pleasure cannot be overused. I mean, the refractory period follows the satisfaction. The period will demotivate you (within its time-span) from using any sexual stimuli.

Questionable would be the case, if a person has a problem to fulfil her/his sexual curve. If overusing porn would often cause a disorder (instead of the refractory period), there would be statistically many complaints which could not be concealed in the media and discourse.

The film Amadeus proves that wild lifestyle does not prevent from splendid opera. During the refractory period, you have time enough to cope with the school tasks and to help at home, too.


Let us pay attention for a while to the key-word of this project, the sexuarium.

It is a productively formed word from the usual suffix of a cultural institution, -ium, to a generic word. Why is it not occupied and widely utilized and capitalized?

Probably due to the dispositif terror.

Our inborn motivation to pleasure became hostage of a specific civilization.


… Weck-Erlens Vorschläge für des Lesers »Sexuargemach« (kurz »Sexuarium« oder »Sexuar") empfehlen so deutsche Leibesübungen…

…The Austrian gymnastic professor Van Der Weck Erlen wrote a book in which, along with providing more than ɹve hundred postures you draw lots to carry out, he advised a “sexuarium” complete with gymnastic mat and trapezes. For his sort of sex, you would need them.

The idea of a “sexuarium” with mirrors, red light, and black décor turns some people on – there are a good few 1930s palaces in Beverly Hills that have one. … [equipment]



Yet, there are many places where we can realize our humanity: our homes, nudi-beaches - and we can arrange consensual clubs. (The clubs for complementary paraphilias were suggested by Lars Ullerstam.)


All of them are different implementations of sexuarium. What a strange - silent - approach of the civilization to one of our deepest motivations!

That is why I tackled the NoFap movement, since it is one of the few overtly mentioned fields of the sexual pleasure and its place in our lives.