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The Touchable Models

"...So, it is not what you do, it's where you do it that counts."
(Sexualia /Bishop, Osthelder/, p.539, ISBN 3-8290-2729-X)

Therefore, the experience with the exhibition of naked persons, Voayer, which took place in Prague, CZ, EU, 2019 is hardly transferable World-wide.

Some of the persons exhibited had the table "Touches allowed" (which was realized in the medical gloves).
Now, we can see that such an exhibition cannot easily be arranged in the countries where the campaign #MeToo is alive.

Nevertheless, the touchable models can help by therapy as surrogate partners.

Or, the naked meetings (even with masks) can serve as a sort of live friend-finder.

Therefore, we are open to discussion with anyone.

sexuarium [at] seznam [dot] cz